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At Victory Pressure Services our first and main duty is to protect people, property and the environment. To accomplish this we have developed a culture of safety that relies on these four pillars:

  1. All hands on deck! 100% participation in our safety program by management, employees and contractors.
  2. Train the crew! All employees are educated in WHMIS, TDG, H2S, First Aid, PST, GODI, and our self-developed pressure-testing apprenticeship course, which includes study of Directive 36 and mentorship in the field.
  3. Ship shape! We use a formal system of hazard identification, risk assessment, equipment maintenance, incident and accident reporting, and if required, disciplinary procedures to ensure a continuous safe work environment.
  4. The voyage continues! We review and revise our safety program to continue improving it, and set new and challenging safety goals for the future.