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In Alberta, pressure testing is just one several requirements that fall under the Energy Resources Conservation Board’s Directive 036. These regulations are in place to keep the drilling personnel and equipment, nearby property and the environment safe.

Craig Crawford, Jeff Pouteaux and Jim Jammer know the importance of drilling and safety. The three men created Victory Pressure Testers to provide pressure testing that exceeds the minimum standards as set out in Directive 036. “We make sure that all the parts of a rig needed to prevent an incident work properly,” says Crawford.

“Victory Pressure Testers is a company that fills the gap between a pressure tank truck and a large oilfield services company. We are less expensive than large services companies but more skilled than the average person who owns a pressure truck. We have more resources available to us in the form of propylene glycol and water and methanol sales and rentals, gauges, and another services like dead weight rentals, analog and digital recording systems,” says Crawford.

Key staff at Victory Pressure Testers includes Crawford, CEO, who has 33 years of experience in oilfield services. Crawford worked his way up from driver to station manager of a large oilfield services company.

For the past 22 years, Crawford has managed a pressure testing company where he designed and operated most of the company’s equipment and procedures.

Pouteaux, comes from the drilling sector. He brings with him 28 years of drilling experience coming up the ranks from roughneck to drilling rig manager.

And Jammer, is a heavy-duty mechanic with over 34 years of experience, working the last seven of those years for large oilfield services companies. Jammer brings a wealth of knowledge to Victory Pressure Testers in equipment design and maintenance.

Victory Pressure Testers has big goals for the future. “With a diversely experienced staff , new equipment, and safety-driven principles, we can provide our costumers with pressure testing services that result in better test results, which is great advantage to our costumers both in terms of cost and service,” says Crawford.

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