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The VPS Data Log System is A digital recording system for use with all of your pressure, and flow rate service needs. The VPS Data Log System is far more precise than conventional analog charts, with a higher resolution, and charts are created digitally in .pdf, and excel formats, and you can even watch the job in progress using online programs such as GoToMeeting.

Operator Display

The VPS Data Log System has been created by Victory Pressure Services to provide a higher level of flexibility and precision to fulfill the diverse needs of our clients. The VPS Data Log System tracks pressure (kpa) and flow (L/m), calculates total flow, and stage flow and displays these values graphically to be analyzed by our operators, you and your staff. We also provide the raw data collected at each interval for further in depth analysis if required.

The VPS Data Log System provides data in many different formats including graphs in .pdf, .jpeg and .xlsx (Microsoft Excel) formats, and our raw data in .asc and .txt formats. These files are easily copied, emailed, and shared throughout the chain of communication, and also reduce the amount of paper use throughout the work process. We can also transfer your data, and charts to removable hard disks so that it can be uploaded to your system at a later date.

Excel Spreadsheet

Our VPS Data Log Systems are also capable of being monitored remotely through the use of web based applications such Go To Meeting. This means that you or your staff can check in on the progress of the job from the comfort of the office or even on the go using the GoToMeeting Iphone or Android app.

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