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Victory Pressure Services delivers the best service and products to the petroleum industry. We overcome obstacles and fulfill all required pressure pumping requirements at a competitive price, with safety and integrity.


Victory Pressure Services has professional operators well trained in the operation and maintenance of our equipment as well as the workings of drilling rigs and directive 36. At VPS all of our operators believe in, and work in a culture of safety. All of them have their H2S Alive certification, First aid certifications, and WHIMIS, as well as being mentored by one of our highly skilled, experienced managers.


Our equipment is well-designed and lightweight, featuring four wheel drive units that carry all our needed equipment at all times. To keep everything running great Victory Pressure Services also has its own mechanical department that repairs and builds all our units. The Victory Pressure Services Datalog System accurately records all pumping and pressure information and provides a digital chart. It can also display these parameters on any computer using a web based program like GoToMeeting.


We have units located throughout western Canada.

Central one call dispatch

Your time is very important and you do not want to be left waiting for your pressure testing service. In order to ensure the timely and professional completion of your work, our operators are in constant contact with our on call management. This eliminates time wasted if any changes to scheduling arise or expert assistance is needed. You and our operators are in constant contact with each other through our management team during travel to the job site.


At Victory Pressure Services we work with our customers to offer the best price for the best job possible.